Buy an orange, don't pick the 'mother' again. Many people have been making mistakes all the time. The old fruit farmer will teach you a trick, ensuring that your selection is both fragrant and sweet

How to Choose High-Quality Oranges

1. Check the shape: Oranges can be round or oval. Choose oval-shaped oranges as they have thinner skin and juicier flesh.

2. Examine the navel: Navel oranges have a small indentation at the top called the navel. Avoid oranges with cracked navels, as they may contain seeds.

3. Look at the stem: A dry and withered stem indicates that the orange has lost moisture, resulting in dry flesh. Choose oranges with green stems and leaves for fresher and juicier fruit.

4. Consider the color: Oranges with a deep, uniform color are usually sweeter and more flavorful. Avoid oranges with light or mottled color.

5. Assess the weight: Heavier oranges tend to have more juice and thicker flesh. Squeeze the orange gently – a good-quality orange should be firm yet slightly yielding. Remember to choose oval-shaped oranges with small navels, green stems, dark color, and a good weight. These oranges are fresher and juicier.