Legacies: Hope's Tribrid Transformation Is Repeating Elena's TVD Vampire Arc

The spinoff show Legacies, which debuted in 2018, has been drawing inspiration from its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries. The show follows Hope's journey as she undergoes a Tribrid transformation, which bears similarities to Elena's vampire arc in the original series. While Legacies has introduced new characters, it has also retained some familiar faces from The Vampire Diaries and its first spinoff, The Originals.

However, Legacies has faced some challenges in finding its footing with fans. The show's campy humor and lighter tone have divided viewers, especially those who preferred the darker themes of the earlier shows. Despite this, the current season of Legacies has taken a darker turn, incorporating more brutal storylines to appeal to long-time fans of the franchise. This shift has also led to the borrowing of plot points from The Vampire Diaries.

Elena's transformation into a vampire saw her disconnect from her humanity, suppressing her emotions to escape the pain and guilt she felt. This decision had drastic consequences, turning her into an unfeeling monster and hindering her character's development. Now, Hope's Tribrid transformation has had a similar effect, stripping her of her core traits and potentially impeding her self-actualization.

Both Hope and Elena were known for their unwavering love and willingness to sacrifice for their loved ones. However, the loss of their humanity transformed them into characters capable of heinous acts. As Hope embraces her new Tribrid identity, viewers witness a previously unimpeachable heroine displaying her dark side. However, the extent of this transformation, characterized by her immediate killing of Alaric, the father figure at the Salvatore School, is a shocking twist for her character.

The shows face the challenge of presenting this transition in a compelling way, as it turns their heroines into almost irredeemable villains overnight. Yet, the concept of being able to switch emotions on and off remains intriguing. With the return of Rebekah, there may be hope for Hope's redemption. Lizzie and Josie's love interest, Finch, may seek revenge for what Hope did to Alaric, but previous attempts to take her down have proven futile. Ultimately, the success of this plotline in Legacies will depend on how engaging the storytelling is compared to its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries.