Find Inner Strength! Jennifer Lawrence battles fearlessly, defying gravity with a courageous rollerblade performance for No Hard Feelings on Long Island.

Jennifer Lawrence, the 32-year-old blonde beauty, has been busy filming her new movie, No Hard Feelings, in Long Island, New York. Despite the chaos of shooting, Jennifer found some time to try rollerblading for exercise. However, she seemed a bit panicked as she glided down a busy street, without any safety gear. Though only children under 14 are required to wear helmets while rollerblading in New York, it is highly recommended for adults as well.

Jennifer was spotted wearing a red polo shirt, with her long, wavy hair flowing over her shoulders. She wore shorts that showcased her toned legs and had a colorful backpack on her back. The Oscar-winning actress, known for her natural beauty, even had a touch of pink blush on her cheeks. As she rollerbladed, the wind blew her hair into her face and she tried her best to push through.

During a break from filming, Jennifer could be seen wearing a maroon terry cloth robe, which she had draped over her shoulders. The movie, co-starring Kyle Mooney and Hasan Minhaj, is described as a Harold and Maude-type comedy based on a Craigslist ad. It tells the story of a mother seeking someone to date her son before he goes off to college.

Despite being a working mother now, after giving birth to her son, Cy, in February, Jennifer shared in a Vogue interview how motherhood had changed her life. She fell in love with her baby instantly and developed a newfound love for all babies.

Jennifer's upcoming film, Causeway, also holds significance for her as it revolves around the theme of finding one's sense of home. She left home at 14 to pursue acting and has always had a complicated relationship with the concept of home.

In Causeway, she plays a US soldier returning home to New Orleans after suffering a traumatic brain injury. She struggles to readjust to her daily life while waiting for re-deployment. The film is set to make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.