"I hate Netflix for this": The Witcher Writer Reveals Upsetting Details On The Netflix Show After Henry Cavill's Exit


Henry Cavill's portrayal of Geralt of Rivia in Netflix's The Witcher has gained him immense popularity. However, rumors suggest that the actor left the show after season 3 due to creative differences. While the real reason for his departure remains unknown, it is speculated that the show's deviation from the original source material played a role.

Now, even the author of the novels, Andrzej Sapkowski, has come forward with disappointing details about the Netflix adaptation. He claims that the studio completely disregards his suggestions, despite being the creator. This revelation has incited fans to heavily criticize Netflix on social media.


Henry Cavill, a devoted fan of the fantasy genre and video games, was already familiar with The Witcher universe when he took on the role of Geralt of Rivia. However, he eventually decided to walk away, possibly due to the show's lack of faithfulness to the original source material.

Sapkowski's recent comments at the Vienna Comic Con seem to validate these rumors. When asked if he had any suggestions for the Netflix series, he expressed frustration, stating, "They never listen to me, but it's normal. 'Who's this? It's the writer, it's nobody.'"

Earlier this year, when asked about his opinion on the show at the Taipei International Book Exhibition, Sapkowski remarked, "I've seen better. I've seen worse." These comments have angered many fans, who have wasted no time in criticizing Netflix online.


It is not uncommon for screen adaptations to deviate from the original source material, but it is always surprising to witness the immense backlash from fans. In the case of The Witcher series, loyal fans of the franchise were deeply upset when the show decided to present its own interpretation of the story, rather than staying true to the novels.

Many fans even deemed it unwatchable after Cavill's departure, as they believed he was the show's standout element. Sapkowski's revelation about Netflix ignoring his suggestions has further fueled the fans' criticism towards the studio.

It appears that fans have had enough of the show, and with Cavill no longer in the picture, only time will tell how the future of the show unfolds.