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The Kansas City Chiefs recently suffered a home loss to the Las Vegas Raiders, leading Chiefs fans to question the "Taylor Swift curse."

Previously, fans believed that the presence of popstar Taylor Swift brought luck to the team, particularly to tight end Travis Kelce. However, this recent loss has caused some to question whether Swift's presence is actually detrimental.

In defense of Swift, her fans, known as Swifties, argue that blaming a woman for the outcome of a professional football game is misogynistic. They find comparisons between Swift and Yoko Ono, who is famously blamed for breaking up The Beatles, to be offensive.

Twitter users expressed their frustration, stating that it is unreasonable to blame women for the failures of men. Despite this loss, the Chiefs are still in a good position to secure their division with two games remaining. They have a home game against the Cincinnati Bengals followed by a visit to the Los Angeles Chargers.

If the Chiefs win another game with Swift in attendance, they will have a .500 record with her present. While Travis Kelce's performance has suffered recently, it is important to remember that the Chiefs remain a formidable team. Whether they play at home or on the road, no one will want to face them in the playoffs.

In conclusion, fans' obsession with the "Taylor Swift curse" has resurfaced following the Chiefs' recent loss. However, the team is still in a good position to succeed, and blaming a woman for their shortcomings is unfair and misplaced.