Mariska Hargitay's Stepmother 'Declared' & 'Accepted' Her after She Lost Her Birth Mom at 3

Mariska Hargitay grew up without her biological mother. When she was just three years old, her mother, Jayne Mansfield, tragically died in an accident. However, Mariska's father, Mickey, won full custody of her and her siblings, and soon remarried. This marked the beginning of a close relationship between Mariska and her stepmother, Ellen Siano. 

Tragedy struck the family when Jayne Mansfield died in a car accident on June 29, 1967. She, along with her driver, Ronald B. Harrison, and her lawyer, Samuel S. Brody, were killed instantly. Mariska and her siblings survived the crash but sustained injuries. Jayne was laid to rest at Fairview Cemetery, with Mickey erecting a heart-shaped headstone as a tribute to her.

Months before Jayne's untimely death, Mickey had remarried, finding love and support in Ellen Siano. Mariska regarded Siano not as a stepmother, but as her mom. Siano embraced Mariska and her siblings wholeheartedly, and they quickly formed a strong bond. Tragedy struck again when Siano was horrifically injured in a plane crash, coming close to losing her life. Mariska considered herself blessed to have Siano as a maternal figure, especially after losing her birth mother. Mariska Hargitay and her stepmother, Ellen Siano, share a special bond. Mariska speaks fondly of Siano, recalling her as a caring and loving mother figure. Despite not having any biological children of her own, Siano embraced Mariska and her siblings and truly made them feel loved. Mariska feels fortunate to have had such a nurturing presence in her life after the loss of her mother. In conclusion, Mariska Hargitay's upbringing was marked by tragedy and loss, but also by the love and support of her stepmother, Ellen Siano. Their close relationship has had a profound impact on Mariska's life, shaping her into the successful, compassionate, and resilient woman she is today.