Adele and James Corden's Unforgettable Farewell: Tears, Melodies, and Epic Harmonies Collide in the Emotional Finale of Carpool Karaoke! 😢🎶🚗

James Corden, host of The Late Late Show, recently shared his final Carpool Karaoke segment, and he had a special guest joining him for the ride - the incredible Adele! This wasn't their first time together in the car, as they had already recorded a hugely popular Carpool Karaoke in 2016. Now, they were taking a second spin, and it was an emotional journey.

The clip started with Adele taking the wheel and James becoming her passenger. As they set off, they joked about Adele's questionable driving skills, with her admitting that she can't sing without closing her eyes. They laughed as Adele maneuvered James' car out of his driveway, almost crashing it.

During the ride, Adele opened up to James about feeling nervous and sad that he would soon be leaving Los Angeles and returning to England. They both shed tears as they reminisced on their friendship and eight years of hosting The Late Late Show.

They sang along to Adele's hit songs, including "Rolling in the Deep" and "Hometown Glory." James also shared some of his favorite Carpool moments, including rides with Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder.

In a funny twist, James revealed that they had filmed a prank segment with an animatronic wild bear, but Adele found out before it aired. She thought she had a stalker and became spooked, leading James to cancel the prank.

As the ride drew to a close, both Adele and James were overcome with emotions. Adele expressed how much she would miss him, while James assured her that distance and time would not affect their friendship.

The segment ended with both of them in tears, talking about how they would miss each other. However, James lightened the mood by reminding Adele that they would see each other tomorrow.

This farewell Carpool Karaoke was a beautiful tribute to their friendship and the wonderful moments they shared. James thanked Adele for joining him and expressed his love for her. It was a touching and heartfelt final ride for James before he wraps up his time as host of The Late Late Show.