Why was Cardi B compared to Nicki Minaj? Exploring the controversy as Cardi B slams the fans to 'Shut the f–k up!'

Cardi B has found herself in the middle of controversy once again, as fans of Nicki Minaj accused her of copying the rapper's style. The dispute arose when both artists were seen wearing similar white fur coats and white extensions. In response, Cardi B took to Instagram to express her frustration. She stated that people were arguing over a coat that she had only worn for 45 seconds, from her house to her car. She dismissed the allegations, explaining that the coat was an old piece from her closet that she reluctantly wore to stay warm at her aunt's insistence.

Cardi defended herself vehemently, saying that people were making a fuss over an old item in her wardrobe and that she didn't care about their opinions. She also addressed Nicki Minaj and her fans directly, claiming that she didn't watch them and that they couldn't dress as well as her. Cardi expressed her frustration with the situation, stating that she couldn't even enjoy her life without people criticizing her. The exchange on social media is just another chapter in the ongoing feud between Cardi B and Nicki Minaj that began in 2018. Their tension escalated with a physical altercation at a fashion week party.

Despite the drama, both artists continue to make waves in the fashion world. Cardi recently made her runway debut at Balenciaga's fall 2024 show, describing it as a dream come true. Meanwhile, Minaj has been showcasing stunning looks at various events. The dynamic between these two artists and their impact on the fashion scene remain a captivating aspect of their careers.