How Bruno Mars Really Feels About Miley Cyrus's "Flowers" And If The Song Is Really About Him?

In January 2023, Miley Cyrus released her hit song "Flowers," which instantly captivated fans with its empowering and confident message. The pop music industry can often be filled with fun and upbeat tunes, but "Flowers" stood out as a motivating and impactful anthem.

 Fans quickly noticed that the lyrics of "Flowers" seemed familiar, as they appeared to be a response to Bruno Mars' song "When I Was Your Man." The chorus of Mars' song includes the lyrics, "That I should've bought you flowers/And held your hand/Shoulda gave you all my hours/When I had the chance."

In contrast, the chorus of Cyrus' song talks about buying oneself flowers, writing one's name in the sand, taking oneself dancing, and holding one's own hand. Many wondered what Bruno Mars thought about Cyrus' song, which seemed to reference his own work. However, Mars has not publicly commented on "Flowers." He tends to keep a private profile, rarely posting on social media or giving interviews. This could be because he prefers to focus on his own music career.

Cyrus co-wrote "Flowers" with Gregory "Aldae" Hein and Michael Pollack. Pollack discussed the songwriting process in an interview with Billboard, explaining that the lyrics came together relatively quickly. The song carries a sense of emotional depth, reflecting both Cyrus' secure sense of self and moments of vulnerability. Despite the comparisons to Mars' song, "Flowers" stands as its own powerful anthem of self-confidence. Although neither Mars nor Cyrus have publicly addressed the similarities between "Flowers" and "When I Was Your Man," fans have been buzzing about it.

As the opening track, "Flowers" sets the tone for the album, representing the buzzing energy and potential of a new day. Ultimately, "Flowers" stands as a meaningful and inspiring song. Its message of self-confidence resonates with listeners, and its success on Spotify demonstrates its popularity. Whether or not it was intended as a response to Mars' song, "Flowers" stands on its own as a testament to Cyrus' growth and empowerment. As for Mars himself, his thoughts on the matter remain unknown, as he has chosen to keep his opinions private.