Doja Cat Roars Victorious: Liberated and Unstoppable as Fans Unfollow, It's Like Conquering a Majestic Beast! 🦁🙌🔥

Doja Cat, the popular rapper known for her hit song " Say So," has recently experienced a significant drop in her social media followers. Over the past few weeks, she reportedly lost nearly 300,000 followers on various platforms. This decline in her online popularity came after she made some controversial comments about her fans.

In a series of tweets, Doja Cat responded to a Twitter user who asked her to express her love for her fans by saying, "i don't though." She also criticized her followers for naming themselves "Kittenz," which she believed was inappropriate. She even told one fan to get a job and help their parents with the house if they referred to themselves as "Kitten" or "Kittenz. "

After observing the large number of people who unfollowed her, Doja Cat took to her Instagram Story to share her feelings. She expressed a sense of freedom, as if she had defeated a burdensome obstacle that had held her back for a long time. She stated that she was now able to connect with the people who truly mattered and loved her for who she was.

However, these comments were not well-received by all her fans. Some expressed their disappointment in her behavior, while others defended her actions. Doja Cat explained her theory behind the controversies, suggesting that people become possessive of celebrities they don't even know in real life. She believed that her personal choices, such as her ever-changing hairstyles, caused a stir on social media because fans subconsciously see her as someone who isn't real.

Despite the loss of followers and the mixed reactions from fans, Doja Cat remains unapologetic and steadfast in her beliefs. To her, it is important to stay true to herself and connect with those who genuinely support and love her for who she is. Only time will tell if her loyal followers will return or if she will continue on this path of newfound freedom.