Devastating Twist: One Canceled Friends Story Would Have Forever Altered (& Shattered) Ross & Rachel's Epic Ending 😢💔📺


Ross and Rachel's tumultuous relationship on the hit TV show Friends almost took an unexpected turn. The iconic couple, played by David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston, eventually ended up together in the series finale after a long and complicated journey. However, it turns out that their storyline could have been drastically different.

In an alternate version of the show, Ross would have become a father again. After his ex-wife Carol gave birth to their son, Ben, at the end of season 1, Friends toyed with the idea of giving Ross another child through his relationship with his student-turned-girlfriend, Elizabeth. The season 6 finale would have ended on a cliffhanger, with Elizabeth revealing her pregnancy. The following season would have delved into the challenges Ross faced as a young father, only for him to eventually learn that the baby wasn't his.


Ultimately, the creators of Friends decided against this storyline. They felt that it would be repetitive, as Rachel was already set to have a pregnancy storyline in season 7. Keeping Elizabeth around would have compromised the Ross and Rachel relationship and diminished the impact of their eventual reunion.

While Ross had a history of failed marriages on the show, adding another child from a different mother would have made his story even more complex. It would have diverted attention away from the buildup of Ross and Rachel's feelings for each other and undermined the significance of their one-night stand. Whether the encounter occurred before or after Ross found out the truth about the baby, it would have undermined the idea that they were meant to be together.

Fortunately, the creators made the right decision and Ross and Rachel's love story remained intact. As viewers, we can now look back on their journey and appreciate the happy ending they deserved.