🎶🌟 Unleashing the Star Power: Kelly Clarkson's Sensational 9-Year-Old Daughter, River Rose, Shines & Serenades on Captivating New Anthem "You Don't Make Me Cry"! 🎤✨🎵

Kelly Clarkson's daughter, River Rose, is proving to be a talent in her own right. At just 9 years old, she has lent her vocals to her mom's latest song, "You Don't Make Me Cry," which is part of the deluxe edition of Clarkson's album "Chemistry."

In a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Clarkson revealed that River Rose was only 5 years old when she recorded the song. The track explores the unraveling of a relationship, but Clarkson's empowering lyrics focus on her independence and strength. She sings, "I'd rather be alone than blue // Know it ain't easy but watch me // Walk the high road without you. "

With her daughter providing auto-tuned backup vocals, Clarkson belts out, "You don't make me cry // And I cry at everything // You don't make me feel // And I feel more than most // now that says something, doesn't it?" River Rose even adds a sweet conclusion to the song, saying, "The end."

This isn't the first time River Rose has collaborated with her mom. In 2019, she appeared in the music video for Clarkson's song "Broken & Beautiful."

Clarkson's album, released in June, delves into the emotions surrounding her recent divorce from Brandon Blackstock, her husband of nearly seven years. The couple shares two children, River Rose and Remington Alexander.

Reflecting on the album, Clarkson admitted that she was initially very angry during the divorce process. In an interview with USA TODAY, she said, "I know a lot of people have gone through grief or a big tragedy like a divorce and I know it's a common thing, unfortunately. But there's nothing common when you're going through it. It's very foreign, it's horrible."

Despite the hardships, Clarkson is proud of her children's ability to express their emotions. In a recent conversation with Audacy, she shared how her kids, including River Rose, are able to communicate their feelings openly. Clarkson finds it beautiful to witness their emotional intelligence at such a young age and believes it is an important skill for personal growth.

Kelly Clarkson is not only a talented artist but also a supportive mother. By involving her daughter in her music, she is not only creating precious memories but also nurturing River Rose's musical abilities from an early age. The bond they share is evident in their collaboration, and it's exciting to see what the future holds for this talented mother-daughter duo.