Bebe Rexha:" Nicki Over Cardi in Female Rap ... But That's Just My Opinion!"

Bebe Rexha has shared her opinion on the ongoing debate about who is the better female rapper between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.

During an Instagram Live session, Bebe expressed her belief that Nicki Minaj is the more talented artist. She praised Nicki's longevity in the rap game and her ability to write her own lyrics. On the other hand, Bebe's friend acknowledged Cardi B's talent but admitted that she often relies on others to write her verses.

Bebe and her friend emphasized that their discussion was not meant to pit the two artists against each other. They believe that such comparisons only serve to provoke unnecessary rivalry between their fan bases. While Bebe prefers Nicki's rapping skills, she also values Cardi's personality and authenticity.

It is well-known that Nicki and Cardi have had a feud in the past, which has led to occasional online jabs from both sides and their fans. However, despite the ongoing rivalry, both women remain popular and successful female MCs in the industry.

In summary, Bebe Rexha weighed in on the debate between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, expressing her preference for Nicki's rap talents. However, she also acknowledged Cardi's other qualities such as her personality and authenticity.

The ongoing rivalry between Nicki and Cardi continues among their fans and occasionally spills over to social media. Nevertheless, both artists remain highly popular in the world of female rap.