Unleashing the Heroic Union: Marvel Confirms Henry Cavill's Epic Dream Come True as Captain Britain, Forging a Battle Royale with Thor ⚡🇬🇧💪

Marvel has confirmed that Henry Cavill's dream role of playing Captain Britain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) is officially a match for Thor. In the Ultimate Universe #1, Captain Britain goes head to head with Thor, which proves that he can hold his own against Asgardians.

In this issue, written by Jonathan Hickman and drawn by Stefano Caselli, Thor is released from jail by the new Ultimate Doctor Doom and Iron Lad. Together with Sif, they head to Latveria to retrieve stolen items that the Maker had used to gain super-powers. As they arrive, Thor attempts to open the containers housing the stolen goods, but is unexpectedly stabbed by Captain Britain's Sword of Might, causing him serious injury.

Captain Britain, who was co-created by Chris Claremont, holds a special place in Marvel history as one of the first characters specifically created for the British comics market. He has also been written by the renowned Alan Moore. Despite not enjoying the same level of recognition as Captain America or Iron Man, Captain Britain is a beloved fan favorite who has proven to be an integral part of the Marvel Universe.

It's no surprise that Henry Cavill is a fan of Captain Britain, especially as he previously played Superman in the now defunct DC Extended Universe (DCEU). After seeing fan art depicting him as Captain Britain, Cavill expressed his interest in taking on the role in the MCU. He even mentioned Chris Evans' "modernized" portrayal of Captain America as a reference for how he would bring Brian Braddock to life onscreen. With his contract with Warner Brothers over, Cavill is now free to pursue his dream role.

While fans eagerly wait to see if Cavill's dream casting comes true, Marvel has established Captain Britain as a major player in the new Ultimate universe. This version of Captain Britain showcases a new, more deadly status quo, as he nearly kills the mighty Thor. This development makes Cavill's dream MCU character a worthy opponent for the God of Thunder.