Jennifer Esposito's Return to Blue Bloods is the Astonishing Ending Jackie Deserved

Jennifer Esposito made a surprising return to the hit show Blue Bloods in the Season 13 finale, reprising her role as Jackie Curatola.

Esposito had left the show back in 2012 under difficult circumstances, but fans were ecstatic to see her back onscreen. In a shocking turn of events, Jackie returned to the show over a decade after her departure. Not only did she come back, but she also had a new job title. Jackie was now the Chief of Police in a small town in Suffolk County. The Season 13 finale was a true highlight for fans. Jackie teamed up with her former partner Danny, played by Donnie Wahlberg, to crack a case and reminisce about the past. It felt like old times, and fans were thrilled to see the dynamic duo back together. 

As the show wraps up its main characters' storylines, it must not forget about Jackie Curatola. Jackie's departure from the show back in Season 3 was a disappointment for fans. Her resignation felt out of character and left many viewers unsatisfied. However, her return in Season 13, with a new job title no less, made up for past mistakes. Jackie's promotion to Chief of Police was a deserved triumph for her character. Throughout the series, Jackie and Danny had a strong rapport and an unbreakable friendship. They were the heart of the show in its early seasons. Jackie's return allowed them to team up once again and reminded viewers of the kind of partnership that made the show so beloved. The Season 13 finale left Jackie and Danny on a bittersweet, but open-ended note. Jackie reflected on the ups and downs of her career, expressing her love for working with Danny. Their last goodbye seemed to close the door on Jackie's return, but with a dangerous criminal still on the loose, there's a possibility she may make another appearance. As Blue Bloods approaches its final season, fans hope to see more of Jackie Curatola.