Shocked! Gem Expert Estimates Taylor Swift’s New Ring Costs Over….

Taylor Swift's new ring is causing a buzz among fans who believe it is a gift from her boyfriend, Travis Kelce. The ring, which Swift was seen wearing on her right hand during her birthday party, features a large white opal stone in the center surrounded by smaller blue gemstones, which appear to be London blue topazes. Opal is Kelce's birthstone, while blue topaz is Swift's birthstone, adding to the speculation that the ring holds sentimental meaning for the couple.

The stunning piece of jewelry is estimated to be around 20 carats in size and is valued at approximately $10,000. However, some experts believe it could be worth much more. Mike Fried of The Diamond Pro suggests that the opal alone could be worth around $175,000 due to its rarity and quality.

Opals are said to represent hope and purity, while blue topaz is believed to help channel inner wisdom. Fried believes these meanings are particularly fitting for Swift and the significance of the stones may signify good luck, fortune, and power for the singer.

Swift has previously expressed her love for opals, revealing that they helped her feel better when she was bullied in school. She and her mother used to visit a store to look at opal jewelry, which made her feel beautiful and uplifted.

While it is unclear if Kelce is the one who gave Swift the ring, his wife seemed to confirm it with her social media activity. Although Kelce couldn't attend Swift's birthday party due to his NFL commitments, the couple did eventually celebrate together as Swift traveled to Boston to support Kelce at one of his games.

Furthermore, Swift has recently moved into Kelce's $6 million mansion in Kansas City, leading to speculation that a proposal could be on the horizon. Fans of the couple are excited about the potential meaning behind the ring and the possibility of an engagement. Swift and Kelce have kept their relationship relatively private, but this new piece of jewelry has sparked curiosity and excitement among their fans.