Henry Cavill teases his 'new way' of doing fight scenes in Argylle

Henry Cavill is set to star in the upcoming spy film "Argylle" directed by Matthew Vaughn. Cavill plays the fictional character Agent Argylle, created by author Elly Conway, who is targeted by real spies for the confidential information supposedly hidden in her books.

The first action sequence of the film is a fight aboard a train, where Cavill's character fights off attackers while Elly envisions him as her hero, even though her actual protector is Aiden Wilde, played by Sam Rockwell. The complex fight scene required careful coordination between Cavill and Rockwell to ensure coherent intercut footage.

Though challenging, Cavill mentioned that it was a new and enjoyable experience to have someone working alongside him. Their appearances in the film are also vastly different. While Wilde has long hair and a shaggy beard, Argylle rocks a green velvet suit and a flat top haircut. Cavill explained that this distinctive style was director Matthew Vaughn's idea and that he appreciated the change from his usual onscreen looks.

"Argylle" is an Apple Original Film set to be released in theaters worldwide on February 2, 2023, in partnership with Universal Pictures. It will later be available for streaming on Apple TV+.