Adele fans outraged as Vegas residency tickets skyrocket to $35K on resale market" 🎟️📈😱

Adele's Vegas show has become the talk of the town, and it's not just because of her incredible talent.  The demand for tickets has reached unprecedented levels, and the resale prices are through the roof.

The anticipation for "Weekends with Adele" at Caesars Palace has been building for weeks.  Fans were practically foaming at the mouth to get their hands on tickets to see the Grammy-winning singer perform live.  It came as no surprise that the presales sold out within minutes, leaving many fans disappointed.

But it was the resale prices that really shocked everyone.  Tickets started popping up on resale services like StubHub and Ticketmaster, and the prices were astronomical.  We're talking thousands of dollars for just one ticket.  Some prices even reached the jaw-dropping range of $35k!  It's safe to say that fans were not pleased.

Social media was abuzz with fans expressing their outrage.  One fan hilariously wrote, "Adele must be out of her rabbit a** mind with these concert ticket prices."  Another quipped, "Well, I guess we're the ones paying her husband alimony now."

While it's true that resellers have the freedom to price their tickets however they please, it's hard to deny that the opening prices are absurd.   But don't lose hope just yet! Congressional Democrats are attempting to put an end to ticket scalpers using bots to snatch up highly coveted items, including concert tickets.  The proposed "Stopping Grinch Bots Act" might just be the solution we need to bring ticket prices back down to earth.

In the meantime, Adele continues to captivate audiences with her incredible talent.  She recently performed for an intimate group of her celebrity friends in L.A., including the likes of Oprah, Drake, and Lizzo.  Not only did she deliver a stunning performance, but she also helped pull off a surprise marriage proposal.   Adele truly knows how to make a moment unforgettable!