Tom Hardy Absolutely Slammed A Reporter For Asking Him Degrading Questions About His Sexuality

Tom Hardy, the versatile actor known for his diverse roles in films such as Bronson, The Dark Knight Rises, and Venom, recently found himself in the spotlight for calling out a reporter who asked inappropriate questions about his sexuality during a press conference.

The reporter, citing an old interview with Attitude magazine, insinuated that Hardy's sexuality was ambiguous and questioned whether celebrities find it difficult to talk about their sexual orientation. Hardy, visibly frustrated, clarified that his previous comments were in reference to roles he had played, not his personal life. He emphasized that his past experiences do not define his present-day orientation.

This incident is not the first time Hardy has faced awkward questions from journalists. During the promotion of Mad Max: Fury Road, a reporter asked him about the significant roles women played in the film, implying that it was unusual for a male-dominated genre. Hardy promptly dismissed the question, stating that the gender dynamics in the film were never a concern for him.

As for Hardy's personal life, he is married to actress Charlotte Riley, and they have two children together. They first met while working on the TV show Wuthering Heights and got married in 2014. Before marrying Riley, Hardy was previously married to producer Sarah Ward. Despite being open about his past experiences, Hardy believes that certain questions should be kept off-limits in interviews.