🎄🍽️Unforgettable Culinary Shock: Gwen Stefani Confesses Her and Blake Shelton's Boldly Nonconformist Christmas Delight, Bound to Ruffle Some Feathers! 😱🔥🍗

Gwen Stefani, the famous singer, recently revealed her and husband Blake Shelton's favorite dish for Christmas.  While some families enjoy baking cookies, Gwen and Blake prefer a dish called the Timpano Dome.  In an interview, Gwen explained that it is similar to lasagna but is instead formed in a dome shape using either bread or pasta.  She admitted that their version of the recipe might make some Italians mad, as they use pizza dough instead of pasta.  However, Gwen emphasized that it tastes delicious.

Gwen, who has three sons with her ex-husband Gavin Rossdale, also mentioned that she might make the dough herself this year.  She jokingly said it would be a lot of work to do on Christmas day, so she might make it the day before.  Of course, she plans on sharing her cooking process on Instagram for her followers to see.

Gwen and Blake have homes in both California and Oklahoma, but they did not reveal where they will be celebrating Christmas.  Earlier this year, Blake mentioned that Gwen was thriving at his ranch in Oklahoma and that she was showing a different side of herself.  He believes that country music has allowed Gwen to showcase her incredible vocals and songwriting skills.

The couple has performed several duets together, including some Christmas tunes.  Blake jokingly stated that he needs Gwen to record more music with him for the sake of his career.  As for Christmas plans, Gwen and her ex-husband Gavin typically switch off celebrating with their children, so it is unknown who will have them this year.  However, Blake would love to spend the special day with his stepsons.

Blake emphasized that being a stepparent is a serious job for him, and he wants to be an important person in the children's lives.  He values the time he spends with them and does not want to have any regrets.  Although he understands the importance of his career, he prioritizes his family above all else.

In conclusion, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are excited about their favorite Christmas dish, the Timpano Dome.  They plan on making it with pizza dough and sharing their cooking journey on Instagram.  While their Christmas plans are uncertain, Blake hopes to spend the day with his stepsons, prioritizing family time over his career.