The Vampire Diaries: How Nina Dobrev's Elena & Katherine Are Related

In the popular TV show "The Vampire Diaries," the characters Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce are more than just look-alikes - they are both members of the Petrova family. However, their connection goes beyond their physical resemblance. It takes some time for the series to reveal the truth, but when it does, it is nothing short of shocking.

At first, Elena is unaware of her connection to Katherine. Her mother, Isobel, drops a hint when she mentions that Katherine had been looking her up out of curiosity. Later on, Katherine herself arrives in Mystic Falls and drops another bombshell: Elena and herself are Petrova doppelgangers. However, even Katherine doesn't fully understand the implications of this revelation or how it relates to their ancestors' bloodline.

Stefan, Elena's former love interest, becomes determined to find answers as to why Elena and Katherine look so alike. During their search, they discover that Elena is adopted, but they still don't understand the deep connection between these two women. The mystery continues to elude them, until finally, Katherine reveals the truth.

In a chilling episode called "Katerina," Katherine shares her story. Before becoming a vampire, Katherine gives birth to a daughter in 1490. However, her father takes the baby away from her and raises her as his own. This child, who remains unknown, becomes the key to the Petrova bloodline.

Both Elena and Katherine are descendants of this child, thus explaining their physical resemblance and the significance of the Petrova doppelgangers. These doppelgangers play a vital role in the supernatural world, as their blood is used to create vampires and suppress the werewolf side of Klaus.

Just when it seems like the mystery is solved, a new character named Nadia appears in Mystic Falls during season 5. Nadia is revealed to be Katherine's long-lost daughter, who has spent centuries searching for her mother. However, the show never reveals whether Nadia had a child before becoming a vampire herself. This unanswered question adds another layer of intrigue to the story and keeps the mystery of the missing Petrova descendant alive.

In conclusion, the connection between Elena and Katherine goes beyond their physical appearance. Their shared bloodline and the existence of Petrova doppelgangers play a crucial role in the supernatural world depicted in "The Vampire Diaries." However, the missing Petrova descendant and Nadia's quest for her mother's love remain unsolved mysteries, leaving fans to wonder about the truth behind these characters' tangled history.