Do You Know? Beth Dutton’s Scars on ‘Yellowstone’ Have a Deeper Meaning!

Beth Dutton, a character in the hit show Yellowstone, has endured physical trauma throughout the series, resulting in numerous scars. The makeup artist behind the show takes joy in creating Beth's scars, as each one represents a significant moment in the show and reflects her personal struggles.

Beth's scars offer insight into her character and motivations. Beth Dutton, played by Kelly Reilly, is a recognizable figure in Yellowstone, but she has a dark side. Brought back to Montana by her family to defend their ranch, Beth has faced many challenges and suffered physical injuries as a result.

Her scars tell a story beyond what we see on the surface. One notable instance of Beth's scars is when she was tortured by the Beck brothers' men in the show's second season. Eventually, Rip comes to her rescue, and amidst the blood and gore, confessions of love are made.

Another significant scar comes from a mysterious package that explodes in her office, leaving her covered in burns. Throughout the series, Beth continues to wear her scars, symbolizing her near-death experiences and the emotional trauma she has endured. The makeup artist on the show, Abigail Steele, finds joy in creating the scars, with each one representing a distinct moment in the story.

One of her favorite scars is the one under Beth's left eye, which she wore throughout a whole season. The scars also reflect Beth's struggles and traumatic past. Her sterilization as a teenager, which is revealed in flashbacks, sheds light on why she is the way she is. Beth's scars represent the pain she bears inside, and they have found their way to the surface.

In the upcoming spin-off series, Beth will likely continue fighting for her family and their cattle empire. The deeper meaning behind her scars has been brought to the surface, emphasizing the complexity of her character. Yellowstone is available for streaming exclusively on Peacock.