The ‘Yellowstone’ Plot Hole You Didn’t Notice!

The death of Evelyn Dutton in the television show Yellowstone has gained attention from fans due to a plot hole involving the timing of her death. The show, known for its depiction of Montana's winters, has struggled in accurately portraying the cold weather. Yellowstone was primarily filmed in Utah and Montana until Season 4, when it moved to Missoula County. Some scenes were also shot in Texas for Season 4.

Despite these filming locations, the show has faced criticism for not accurately reflecting Montana's winters. Evelyn Dutton, the matriarch of the Dutton family, only appeared in two flashbacks in the first season.

Her death takes place on March 30, 1997, which fans found odd considering it occurs in the middle of a Montana winter. The scene itself appears to be shot in the fall, with leaves on the trees not fully developed.

In reality, winters in Montana can extend into April, with snowfall sometimes occurring in the early summer months. The scene's portrayal of winter doesn't align with the reality of Montana weather. Yellowstone has struggled to accurately depict Montana's winters throughout its run. Early seasons of the show were set during the summertime to avoid the harshness of winter.

However, the show has made efforts to incorporate snow and dialogue about coming winters in later seasons. In Season 4, flashbacks to the year 1893 finally showcased a real Montana winter. The show's present-day timeline also attempted to highlight the cold to better reflect the Montana setting. Part of the disconnect in the show's portrayal of Montana may stem from its filming locations.

While the exact return dates for Yellowstone and 1923 are uncertain, fans can rest assured that the show has a dedicated following. The show is available for streaming on Peacock and regularly airs on CBS.