Adele Reveals Stunning Collaboration with Chris Stapleton: 'Our Voices Harmonize Magnificently, Unleashing an Emotional Symphony' 🎶❤️🌟

Adele is a huge fan of country singer Chris Stapleton. Her appreciation for him goes way back to his days with his band, the SteelDrivers. In fact, on her 2011 album 21, she even included a cover of their song "If It Hadn't Been for Love." During an interview for Rolling Stone's latest cover story, Adele gushed about her love for Stapleton and revealed their exciting collaboration.

"I've been a fan of him since the SteelDriver days," she said. "I've been covering SteelDrivers for almost 12 years now. His voice is just absolutely brilliant."

On the bonus versions of her newly released album 30, Adele features a collaborative recording of the lead single "Easy on Me" with Stapleton. However, due to travel restrictions during the pandemic, they were unable to meet and record together in person at first.

"We still hadn't met because it was during the pandemic," Adele explained. "We had to start over Zoom. It was really devastating. But our voices work together brilliantly on the song. He's someone I would've always said yes to, no matter what."

Their collaboration on "Easy on Me" showcases their incredible vocal abilities. They sing each line in perfect harmony, allowing Stapleton to shine alongside Adele without being overshadowed. Beginning softly, they gradually build up to their powerful sweet spots, matching each other stride for stride before taking unexpected and thrilling improvisational turns.

Excitingly, the Adele and Stapleton collaboration has also made its way to country radio. On the same day that 30 was officially released, Columbia Records sent the song to country radio stations across the U.S. It has been receiving hourly play on iHeartRadio signals, and if it continues to be successful, it will mark Adele's first entry on Billboard's country charts.