Theresa Caputo Forms 'Selfish' Friendship with Julia Roberts, Reveals Inside Scoop

Recently, there has been a surprising alliance between reality star Theresa Caputo and megastar Julia Roberts. However, some insiders are speculating that Theresa may have ulterior motives behind their newfound friendship. It all began when the Academy Award-winning actress became captivated by Theresa's psychic abilities, which ultimately led to a strong bond between the two.

Sources close to the situation revealed, "Julia has always been intrigued by Theresa's spiritual charms. They even share the same publicist and have grown very close." On top of their shared fascination, Theresa, who hails from New York, saw an opportunity to leverage Julia's enormous influence in Hollywood to boost her own career in the world of séances. "Theresa believes that being associated with Julia can only benefit her career," spilled the insider to RadarOnline. "

However, some skeptics in Tinseltown are quick to ridicule Theresa's ghostly ambitions." But it seems like Julia's recent decision to relocate from Los Angeles to San Francisco could potentially throw a wrench in Theresa's alleged plans.

While their friendship may come with its fair share of scrutinies and skepticism, it is clear that both Theresa and Julia genuinely enjoy each other's company .So, as Theresa continues to navigate the world of séances, she will have the support and friendship of one of Hollywood's biggest stars. With their shared publicist and their growing bond, it's safe to say that Theresa will have a powerful ally in her corner. And who knows, maybe the skeptics in Tinseltown will be proven wrong, and Theresa will find success in the spiritual realm with Julia by her side.

In the end, it is heartwarming to see these two women from different worlds form an unlikely friendship. It reminds us that genuine connections can be found in the most unexpected places, and that even celebrities are not immune to the allure of friendship and support.