Julia Roberts Is the 'Michael Jordan of Acting,' Says 'Leave the World Behind' Director (Exclusive)

Julia Roberts has been praised by director Sam Esmail, who compared her to basketball legend Michael Jordan.

Esmail, known for his work on "Mr. Robot," called Roberts the "Michael Jordan of acting" after her impressive performance in the film "Leave the World Behind." He believes Roberts is one of the greatest actresses in history, citing her numerous accolades and charismatic presence. Esmail had previously worked with Roberts on the show "Homecoming" and was impressed by her talent and expressiveness.

Esmail's comparison to Michael Jordan is significant as Jordan is considered the epitome of success in basketball. However, despite Jordan's fame and success on the court, his ventures into the film industry did not match Roberts' box office numbers. Jordan's involvement in the 1996 film "Space Jam" came about through a Nike commercial featuring him and the beloved cartoon character Bugs Bunny. The commercial's popularity led to the creation of the film, which grossed $230 million. In contrast, Roberts achieved massive success with the film "Pretty Woman," which collected a total of $463 million. This makes it one of the most successful movies of its time.

The comparison between Roberts and Jordan emphasizes the immense success and influence Roberts has had in the film industry. Overall, Esmail's praise for Roberts underscores her talent and impact as an actress. Roberts' collaboration with Esmail on "Leave the World Behind" showcases her abilities once again. The comparison to basketball legend Michael Jordan further highlights Roberts' status as one of the greatest actresses in history.