Doja Cat says she's quitting music after arguing with fans on Twitter: 'I don't need you to believe in me anymore'

Doja Cat recently made headlines when she expressed her frustration and desire to quit the music industry. This decision came after fans in Paraguay accused her of ignoring them during her visit to their country.

The controversy began when Doja Cat was scheduled to perform at the Asunciónico Music festival in Paraguay. However, due to an unexpected storm, the concert had to be canceled. Despite this setback, loyal Paraguayan fans still tried to catch a glimpse of the rapper by going to the hotel they believed she was staying at. To their disappointment, she never appeared outside.

The situation escalated when screenshots of Doja Cat's alleged deleted tweets began circulating online. In one tweet, she claimed that there was no one waiting for her outside the hotel when she left the next day. Paraguayan fans felt hurt and ignored, as they expected more engagement from the artist during her visit.

Frustrated by the backlash, Doja Cat took to Twitter to express her emotions. She announced her decision to quit music, stating that she wanted to "disappear" and no longer needed anyone to believe in her. She declared that music was dead to her and that she had been a fool for thinking she was made for this industry.

As the controversy continued, Doja Cat engaged in a heated exchange with a Paraguayan-American reporter, Robert Rojas. Despite the pressure, she stood her ground and made it clear that she was moving on from the situation.

Ultimately, Doja Cat concluded her tweets with a final message: "This shit ain't for me so I'm out. Y'all take care." It remains to be seen whether she will follow through with her decision to quit music.

Meanwhile, other artists scheduled to perform at the Asunciónico music festival, such as Miley Cyrus and Machine Gun Kelly, also faced challenges due to the extreme weather conditions. Cyrus revealed that her flight was caught in a severe storm, resulting in an emergency landing. Machine Gun Kelly, on the other hand, turned adversity into an opportunity by hosting an impromptu performance in a parking lot outside his hotel.

In conclusion, Doja Cat's decision to quit music has caused a stir among her fans and the music industry. However, it is unclear whether she will ultimately follow through with her words. As for the Paraguayan fans, they are left feeling disappointed and ignored, hoping for a resolution to this controversy.