‘The Wire’s David Simon Perfectly Explains Why Hollywood Writers Must Go On Strike

David Simon, creator of The Wire, has joined the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike to support Hollywood writers in their fight for fair wages. The WGA began negotiating with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) last March, but the AMPTP refused to cooperate, leading to the approval of a nationwide strike.

Simon has explained the reasons for the strike, highlighting the changes in the television industry and the need for fair contracts that reflect these changes. He also emphasized the importance of writers in the storytelling process and the negative impact of cutting costs and using AI to write shows.

The strike is not only about the current generation of writers, but also about ensuring a future for younger writers. Simon is committed to fighting for their career opportunities.

During the interview, Simon also underlined how the business of television has changed with the emergence of streaming platforms and the increased focus on shorter seasons. 

While Simon is a successful Hollywood writer who doesn’t need to worry about how much money he makes, he’s still on the picket line defending the rights of the younger generation. Simon concludes: 

“This is a strike for the younger writers, you know? I'm not paid by the episode, and I'm not paid on a weekly rate, and I have a development deal – it may be canceled in five weeks because of the strike. But, you know, I had my run and it's fine. The younger people coming up, they deserve a career. And some of them are great writers and great writers to be. And they deserve a job and this strike is for them.”