Nikki Reed Opens Up About Her Priorities Shifting After Welcoming Baby No. 2 With Husband Ian Somerhalder

Actress Nikki Reed recently opened up in an interview with NewBeauty magazine about her transition away from Hollywood after the birth of her second child. Reed, known for her role in the Twilight series, shared that her focus has shifted towards her family and her husband, Ian Somerhalder.

As a mother to a 6-year-old daughter named Bodhi Soleil and a 6-month-old son whose name hasn't been disclosed, Reed emphasized that raising her children is her top priority at the moment. She also mentioned a documentary project called "Common Ground" that she and Somerhalder are working on, which holds great importance to them. The couple even had the privilege of having Demi Moore host a screening for it.

Reed expressed how busy and fulfilling her life has become since becoming a mother. Despite moving away from the Hollywood scene to a farm just outside of Los Angeles, she and Somerhalder remain incredibly occupied. They recently welcomed their son in June, sharing the joyous news and a heartwarming photo on Instagram.

While managing a farm with numerous animals and raising their children, the couple continues to work in the entertainment industry. They starred together in the Netflix series "V Wars" in 2020, and Reed also runs a sustainable jewelry business called BaYou With Love.

Speaking about their upcoming plans, Reed mentioned a company they're launching in January and the hectic holiday season for her jewelry business. She emphasized her commitment to sustainability and environmentally-friendly practices, including using diamonds grown with hydropower. Reed hopes to expand her jewelry line to physical stores by 2024.

Reed and Somerhalder's journey as a couple has been quite fascinating.Overall, the actress's life may be busier than ever, but she remains dedicated to her family, work, and pursuing her passion for sustainable jewelry.