Adele Reveals the Secret to Her Happiness: "Carving out Quality Moments" with Rich Paul and Unleashing the Thrill of 'Online Shopping'! 💖💻🛍️


During the recent live stream event "Happy Hour with Adele," the talented singer-songwriter shared what brings her joy these days. One of those things happens to be her relationship with Rich Paul, a sports agent. As Adele celebrated the release of her music video "I Drink Wine," a fan asked her about the activities that have been bringing her happiness lately.

Adele confessed to being an avid online shopper and explained how she likes to buy clothes for potential occasions, even though she doesn't go out much. But she acknowledged that buying so many things can lead to clutter, so she recently cleared out her spare bedroom and created a brand-new, clutter-free space. However, she did admit to having an excessive amount of sneakers and sweatpants.


The next topic on Adele's happiness list was a phone game that she has been hooked on. Although she couldn't recall the game's name, she described it as similar to Wordle and proudly revealed that she is now on level 900.

Moving on to the more personal aspects of her life, Adele mentioned her boyfriend, Rich Paul, and her two beloved dogs, Bobby and Freddy. She emphasized the importance of making quality time for her partner and expressed her excitement about the basketball season, confessing that she is


a huge basketball fan.

Adele also revealed a desire to explore new hobbies, specifically mentioning her interest in learning how to sketch better. She explained that singing is her hobby, but it has now become her job as well, so she hopes to find another creative outlet for herself.

In a recent outing, Adele and Rich Paul were seen attending a party for watch brand Audemars Piguet alongside Kevin Hart and his wife, Eniko.

With a infectious excitement and passion for her various interests, Adele's journey to finding happiness is a testament to the importance of pursuing personal pleasures and creating a balanced life.