💖 Heartwarming! Mariska Hargitay Sends a Touching Message to Her TV Son as He Graces the Set Once Again! 🎬💕📝

Guess who's back on set? Ryan Buggle, the talented actor who plays Olivia Benson's adopted son Noah on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, recently took to Instagram to share the exciting news that the show's 25th season has begun production.

In the post, Buggle can be seen standing outside his trailer, proudly holding up a "25" sign. It didn't take long for his TV mom, Mariska Hargitay, to show her support. She commented, "Be still my Benson heart♥️," which received an outpouring of love from the #Benoah fandom. In a recent interview with People, Buggle gushed about his on-screen mother, describing his experience working with her as a dream come true. He revealed that his favorite part of being on set is creating friendships and feeling like part of a big family. Buggle also mentioned that he's learned valuable acting lessons from Hargitay, who taught him to always act with his heart and to approach each scene from a genuine, natural place. He admires her kindness and appreciates the fact that she turns every moment on set into an acting class.

Fans of SVU will recall Noah's harrowing backstory. Born to a sex worker and her attacker, Noah was later sold to a pornography producer and eventually became a ward of the state. Despite his tragic origins, Benson formed a deep bond with Noah and eventually legally adopted him. Throughout the show, Noah has always felt safe and protected under his strong and capable mom's watchful eye, despite a brief kidnapping by his biological grandmother.

The bond between Benson and Noah is not only heartwarming, but it also serves as a powerful representation of the resilience and strength of family. So get ready for another thrilling season of SVU and keep an eye out for the beloved duo of Benson and Noah.

With the talented Ryan Buggle and the incredible Mariska Hargitay leading the way, you can be sure that this season will be filled with unforgettable performances and captivating stories.