"I don't need to know who you really want to have s*x with": Henry Cavill Would Not Want to Know His Girlfriend Natalie Viscuso's Celebrity Crush

Henry Cavill, the heartthrob actor known for his roles as Superman and Geralt of Rivia, recently revealed an interesting tidbit about himself in an interview with Elle.  Surprisingly, Cavill confessed that he doesn't have a celebrity crush of his own, and he believes it's unfair to his girlfriend to have one.

When asked if he had posters of any particular celebrities on his wall as a child, Cavill denied it.   "I didn't really, no.  I didn't have posters up.  I still don't have any crushes on actresses or models," he explained.  He further elaborated that this has always been a topic that comes up with his girlfriends.  "They say, 'Who's on your list? ’ What do you call it, the Get Out of Jail Free card?"  Cavill chuckled.

According to the actor, every single girlfriend he has had has asked about his crushes.  However, he has always responded that he doesn't have a list.  He jokingly added, "I don't need to know who you really want to have s*x with, I'm probably going to work with that person."  Cavill recently had to explain this to his current girlfriend, TV executive Natalie Viscuso, and she completely understood his perspective.

Cavill's relationship with Viscuso has brought him immense happiness after multiple failed relationships.  In an interview with Good Morning America, Cavill emphasized the importance of choosing the right partner.  "Choose your life's mate carefully, from this one decision will come 90% of all your happiness or misery," he advised."

Speaking with Deadline, Cavill expressed how Viscuso has positively impacted his life both personally and professionally.  He credits her for giving him confidence and assisting him in his self-improvement journey.   "She has been an incredible support system for me and really opened my eyes to a lot of things," he said gratefully.

It seems that Cavill has finally met his match in Viscuso, and together, they have created a strong and loving bond.  Despite his impressive fame and millions of Instagram followers, Cavill has decided to distance himself from social media due to fans attacking Viscuso for some issues related to The Witcher.

In conclusion, it is heartwarming to see Henry Cavill finding happiness in his relationship with Natalie Viscuso.  Their strong connection and support for each other are truly inspiring.