10 Things Other Celebs Have Said About Bruno Mars (Good And Bad)


Bruno Mars is widely regarded as one of the greatest vocalists, musicians, and artists in the music industry. Despite facing criticism and hate from some, his talent and success have continued to shine through. Born in Hawaii, Mars is of mixed ancestry, including Filipino, Puerto Rican, Spanish, and Ashkenazi Jewish.

Celebrities have expressed their opinions on Mars. Tyler, The Creator, a rapper known for his controversial lyrics, once stated in a song that he would "stab Bruno Mars in his esophagus." Mars responded by saying that he's heard similar things before and will not pay any attention to it.


Ed Sheeran, a singer-songwriter, collaborated with Mars on the song "Blow" and spoke highly of his musical abilities. Sheeran praised Mars for his talent as a writer and his ability to play multiple instruments.

Adele, known for her powerful vocals, revealed that Mars co-wrote one of her songs on her album "25." She described Mars as someone who can do anything and predicted that he will become the biggest artist in the world. Comedian Mindy Kaling expressed her admiration for Mars, jokingly saying that she wishes he was her son.


She did not reveal the father's identity, even to her friends.

Ariana Grande, who has a similar vocal range as Mars, tweeted her love for him in the past and has been a fan for years. Kelly Clarkson, winner of the first season of American Idol, commended Mars for his Super Bowl performance, calling him an amazing performer.

Eminem, a renowned rapper, collaborated with Mars on a song and praised his talent in an interview. Seren Sensei, a blogger and writer, accused Mars of cultural appropriation. She argued that he uses his racial ambiguity to appeal to different genres.

Meghan Trainor, a pop singer, expressed her desire for Mars to sing at her wedding, citing her admiration for his talent and his concert experience.

Overall, Bruno Mars has garnered praise from many celebrities for his talent, versatility, and stage presence. Despite facing criticism, he continues to prove himself as a remarkable artist.