Kelly Clarkson And Kevin Bacon Swap Early Days Housing Struggles Stories

On an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, Kelly Clarkson and her guest Kevin Bacon shared stories from their early careers. Clarkson confessed that when she first moved to Los Angeles, she didn't even know the person she was living with. "I actually moved out to L.A. with some random person I did not know," she revealed to Bacon. "Yeah, she just needed a roommate. I was like, 'I'll do it,' and I moved from Texas to L.A. with a random stranger." Unfortunately, their living arrangement didn't last long, but it had nothing to do with a personality clash. You see, their apartment was engulfed in flames. "It burned down, so yeah," Clarkson nonchalantly stated. "Then, I slept in my car for a few days and then tried out for a show called 'American Idol,' so it all worked out." And boy, did it ever!

We all know that Clarkson went on to win the first season of "American Idol" in 2002. Bacon, on the other hand, had his fair share of interesting living situations during his early days in New York City. In 1976, his budget for an apartment was a mere $150 a month. He stumbled upon a listing, but when he saw the building, it was way out of his price range. Determined to find a place to live, Bacon approached a stranger he met while visiting the building and asked if he could move in with him. Surprisingly, the man agreed, and they ended up living together for a remarkable four years. "In fact, I just had lunch with him the other day," Bacon casually mentioned to Clarkson.

These stories from Clarkson and Bacon demonstrate just how unpredictable and adventurous the journey to success can be. Both celebrities took risks and made unconventional choices that ultimately worked out in their favor. Perhaps it's these unexpected circumstances that shape us and pave the way to our dreams. Not only do these tales show us the resilience and determination of Clarkson and Bacon, but they also reveal their down-to-earth personalities.