Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift ignite an AI-generated sweater craze this festive season

AI-generated ugly Christmas sweaters celebrating the love story of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have become popular among Swifties. Online marketplace Etsy is abuzz with creativity as artists craft unique designs, with Sadie Bella Melton from Ardmore, OK leading the way. Melton's two sweaters, featuring a "Walmart-style Christmas portrait" of the celebrity couple, have already been purchased by 55 fans across the country.

The inspiration for these sweaters came from Kelce's romantic gesture of engraving his phone number on one of Swift's friendship bracelets. Melton used AI to generate lifelike faces of the couple, making the sweaters a symbol of festive joy and romantic inspiration. She is selling them for $69.98, aiming to keep them affordable for fans. In an exclusive interview with People magazine, Travis Kelce revealed his Christmas plans.

Despite work commitments, he promised a "fun" celebration with his loved ones. Unfortunately, the Kelce family tradition of attending both brothers' games on Christmas won't be possible this year due to the Chiefs and Eagles' kick-off times being hours apart. However, Kelce hinted that Christmas celebrations would be rescheduled, highlighting the importance of family time.

It was recently confirmed by Page Six that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will spend Christmas and New Year's Eve together in Kansas City, MO. Swift, 34, will support her NFL man, also 34, during the Kansas City Chiefs' matchups against the Las Vegas Raiders and the Cincinnati Bengals, both scheduled to be played in Missouri. Despite their busy schedules, the couple is committed to sharing the holiday spirit and Swift is expected to attend the games. As the festive season unfolds, the question remains: Will Swift stay in Kansas City between the games or travel to Tennessee to be with her family?