Julia Roberts and Danny Moder are "closer than ever before" after "getting close to breaking up"

During an appearance on CBS Mornings to promote her new Netflix film, Leave the World Behind, Julia Roberts couldn't help but flash her signature megawatt smile when Gayle King brought up her husband, Danny Moder. 

As Closer magazine previously reported, they've had their fair share of disagreements, including one over where to live. Julia preferred San Francisco, while Danny was more inclined towards Los Angeles. Additionally, their careers added another layer of tension. However, according to a source who spoke exclusively to Closer, the couple has managed to overcome their differences and are now looking forward to a future as empty nesters. The source revealed, "They've been through so much to find solid ground, but they're closer than they ever were."

Finally, this fall, Julia decided to sell her dream home for $11.3 million, and they settled in Los Angeles as their permanent residence. The source emphasized that family comes first, and Julia's willingness to compromise reflected her dedication to her family.

Returning to the conversation on CBS Mornings, Julia expressed her deep appreciation for her husband, calling him "my person" and "my favorite human. " She continued to gush about Danny, praising his intelligence, kindness, dynamic mindset, and loving nature. While Julia and Danny may have found their happy ending, Julia couldn't help but share her thoughts on what may have happened to some of her iconic rom-com characters.  And with that, Julia Roberts left us with delightful scenes from her past films and a heartwarming reminder that love and compromise can lead to happily ever afters.