Don't miss out - read now! Doja Cat Defends Britney Spears After ‘Disrespectful’ Comparisons for Shaving Her Head

Doja Cat recently shared her thoughts on the criticism she received for shaving her head, drawing parallels to Britney Spears' iconic 2007 head-shaving moment. In an interview with Variety, the 27-year-old singer expressed her frustration over the comparison, emphasizing the seriousness of Spears' personal struggle during that time.

Reflecting on her own decision to shave her head and eyebrows back in August, Doja Cat revealed that it was a liberating experience for her. She explained that she felt the need for a change in her life, as she had not been taking care of herself or prioritizing her well-being. "I needed to do something," she said. "Get this s*it off of me."

Doja Cat went on to discuss the benefits of her buzz cut, describing how it allowed her to see her face, her head shape, and even her ears without the distraction of a wig. She also admitted that she had been wearing wigs for years but had never completely adjusted to them. Waking up with hair in her mouth and eyes and dealing with wigs sliding off in public places proved to be stressful for her.

Nevertheless, the singer remarked that the decision to shave her head was the best choice she had ever made. She still enjoys wearing wigs but finds that they look even better now with less hair to manage. She affectionately referred to her wigs as "hair hats" and mentioned that her new look resembled that of a "Pulp Fiction girl."

Touching upon Britney Spears' similar experience, Doja Cat highlighted the significance and sensitivity of the situation. She expressed her disappointment at people trivializing Spears' struggles and making it into a joke. She stressed that it was essential to recognize the seriousness of such moments in someone's life.

In a separate interview, tattoo artist Emily Wynne-Hughes recounted the encounter she had with Britney Spears at her tattoo shop on the night of her head-shaving incident. Wynne-Hughes recalled that Spears seemed tense, and when asked why she had shaved her head, she simply replied, "I just don't want anybody touching my head."

Doja Cat's experiences with shaving her head and wearing wigs have given her a new perspective on hair and individual expression. She encourages others to respect personal choices and understand the deeper meaning behind such decisions.