Kelly Clarkson Embracing Self-Discovery Post-Divorce: ”It Feels Powerful”

   Kelly Clarkson, known for her successful music career and hosting her own show, recently opened up about her divorce and how she is focusing on herself before thinking about another relationship.

   During an episode of The Kelly Clarkson Show, she welcomed Shannen Doherty, who is also going through a divorce, and the two found common ground in their shared experiences. Clarkson described the difficulties that come with divorce, explaining how it can be hard to accept that a relationship that was meant to last forever is over. However, she emphasized the importance of prioritizing self-care in future relationships. She acknowledged that she still needs to work on herself and ensure that she takes care of her own needs while also taking care of someone else.

  Currently, Clarkson is enjoying being single and taking time for herself. She finds comfort in the company of her dogs, who now rule her bed. Jokingly, she added that her dogs would likely not be happy with anyone else stepping into their territory. Throughout her divorce, Clarkson has been open about the struggles she has faced. In September, she mentioned that she is not looking for a boyfriend and is content with her busy life. She has two children, two dogs, three rabbits, a hamster, and multiple jobs to keep her occupied.

    While Clarkson is happy with her life, she does acknowledge that there are moments of pain and grief. In   those moments, she finds solace in her dog Henry. He has been a source of comfort, often coming to her and putting his head under her arm to offer support. In conclusion, Kelly Clarkson is embracing her single life and prioritizing self-care after her divorce. She understands the importance of focusing on herself before considering another relationship. Clarkson finds comfort in the presence of her dogs, who have been a source of support throughout her divorce. Despite the occasional moments of pain, she remains content with her life and the responsibilities that come with it.