Taylor Swift's boyfriend Travis Kelce finally reveals how they met: 'She'll probably hate me for saying this'

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has revealed how he entered a relationship with Taylor Swift.

Kelce said that he attended a Swift concert in July 2022 and someone arranged a meeting between him and Swift. After the concert, Swift's cousins took photographs in front of Kelce's locker, which served as an icebreaker. Kelce and Swift have been seen together on several occasions since then.

Kelce said his inner circle warned him "not to f--- this up" and to avoid saying anything negative to the media. He also commented on Swift's fame, saying that while he has never dealt with that level of scrutiny, he won't let it affect their relationship. Kelce said that Swift's family-oriented values align with his own, and he recently met Swift's father in Argentina.

Kelce expressed admiration for Swift's music and called her "hilarious" and "a genius." He also mentioned that he wants to introduce her to the world of comedy. A representative for Swift has not commented on their relationship.