Miley Cyrus Isn't The Only One Who Was Inspired By Bruno Mars' Music

Miley Cyrus' song 'Flowers' has become a hit, but fans can't stop arguing about its true meaning and the revelations in the music video. There's also the question of whether Bruno Mars should be mad about Miley using his song as inspiration for her own diss track.

However, considering Bruno's collaborative nature, it's unlikely that he would be upset about Miley borrowing concepts from his songwriting. Bruno has a track record of being open to sharing his music with other artists. He seems more concerned with people loving his music rather than seeking songwriting credit. 

Although Bruno hasn't publicly addressed Miley's song yet, it seems that he is not bothered by the similarities. Some fans have called for Miley to credit Bruno on her song due to the similarity to his lyrics. However, according to Billboard, the way Miley replied to Bruno's lyrics doesn't qualify as "sampling."

After Bruno's song was released in 2012, it became a chart-topper, and even the music video became popular. Various artists, such as contestants on The Voice UK and Thomas Rhett, have covered Bruno's song, leading to its continued success. It's clear that Bruno doesn't mind the attention and likely gave permission to these artists to record and sell his song.

As of now, it seems that Bruno hasn't responded to Miley's song. However, this could be because he was on a world tour prior to its release, leading to a busy schedule. Additionally, in October 2022, Bruno achieved Certified Diamond status for 'When I Was Your Man,' which sold 11 million copies.

In conclusion, while fans debate the meaning behind Miley Cyrus' 'Flowers' and its connection to Bruno Mars' song, it's clear that Bruno is not bothered by the similarities. He is known for his collaborative nature, allowing other artists to take inspiration from his music. Miley's song doesn't qualify as sampling, and Bruno probably appreciates the renewed attention on his old hit.