‘Yellowstone’s Biggest Missed Opportunity Involves One Dutton

"Yellowstone" character Monica Dutton has been overshadowed and underdeveloped throughout the series, but she plays a crucial role in representing Native American resilience and compassion.

While other characters have more compelling storylines and better dialogue, Monica's inconsistent writing often makes her unlikable. She gets limited screentime and is only included in family scenes when convenient.

Despite this, Monica has gone through significant trauma, including the death of her brother and the kidnapping of her son. However, the show struggles to find a compelling story for her and often sidelines her character. Monica's Native American heritage is confusedly portrayed, criticizing those who took her people's land while marrying into a family that owns vast land.

However, sometimes Monica's storylines show promise, such as when she helps protect her people from attackers on the reservation. Monica's character is often hypocritical and can be unlikable, but she adds necessary tenderness and compassion to the show. She is a good mother and represents the peace between the Duttons and Broken Rock.

While the show struggles to portray Native American stories effectively, the wider "Yellowstone" universe is improving in its representation. The series will end with its fifth season, but a sequel is in the works. Monica's future in the show is uncertain, but it is an opportunity for the show to emphasize Native stories more authentically.