What Other Musicians Have Said About Bruno Mars?

With his incredible talent and showmanship, Bruno Mars has become a jack of all trades in the music industry. From singing and dancing to playing instruments and creating timeless hits, he has proven himself to be an artist who creates art that lasts.

Despite having a relatively small discography, his approach to music is unparalleled. So, what is it like working with this two-time Super Bowl performer? One artist who has had the opportunity to collaborate with Bruno Mars is Eminem. The two worked together on the song "Lighters" for Eminem's 2011 project "Hell: The Sequel."

During a 2018 interview, Eminem expressed his admiration for Mars, calling him "incredible. " Another frequent collaborator of Mars is Philip Lawrence, who met him in 2008 and formed the songwriting-producing trio The Smeezingtons. Lawrence praised Mars for their shared love of older music and their ability to create emotional and intimate moments in their songs.

Anderson .Paak, who worked with Mars on their Grammy-winning super duo Silk Sonic, described working with Mars as a "cheat code" to success. He emphasized Mars's impressive vocal production skills and his ability to push other artists to new levels.

Cardi B and Mars also formed a special bond through their musical collaborations. Their remix of Mars's song "Finesse" and their collaboration on "Please Me" showcased their musical chemistry and friendship. Gucci Mane, who worked with Mars on the hit song "Wake Up In the Sky," has long been a fan of Mars's music and expressed his desire to collaborate with him in previous interviews.

His talent, dedication to his craft, and ability to create hit songs that stand the test of time have earned him the respect and admiration of his musical peers. Collaborating with Mars is not only a guaranteed instant hit but also a chance to create art that surpasses expectations.