Matthew Perry Helped John Stamos During An Embarrassing Moment On Friends, Full House Actor Recalls

Full House star John Stamos has shared a touching story about the late Matthew Perry and how he helped him through an embarrassing moment during his guest appearance on Friends. Stamos, who played Chandler's co-worker Zach, recalled in an Instagram post that Perry had told him the audience would go crazy after seeing his appearance, but instead, he was met with silence. Feeling embarrassed, Stamos revealed that Perry rallied the crowd to cheer for him once filming was over. He remembers Perry saying, "Ladies and gentlemen, give it up for John Stamos! You guys probably didn't recognize him at first because he's so much better looking in person. "

Perry was not only known for delivering memorable lines on Friends, but he was also a generous scene partner who knew how to share the spotlight and play off his fellow actors. For example, his pairing with Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, brought an extra sparkle to her recurring role. Perry knew exactly how to portray Chandler's exasperation with Janice. Perry's scenes with Rachel, played by Jennifer Aniston, were also special. While there were relatively few one-on-one scenes between Rachel and Chandler, their moments together stood out because Perry brought a warmth that went beyond what was written on the page. Even in Chandler's friendship with Joey, played by Matt LeBlanc, Perry was able to bring sincerity to their bond, which was just as important as any romantic relationship on the show.

Stamos's story is just one example of how Perry consistently elevated the material and worked well with his co-stars. The late actor left behind an indelible legacy thanks to his portrayal of Chandler Bing and his ability to bring depth to his on-screen friendships. Perry's talent and generosity as a scene partner will always be remembered.