Robert Downey Jr. Humorously Endorses Jon Favreau at His Hollywood Walk of Renown Commemoration (Exclusive)

Robert Downey Jr. showed his admiration for Jon Favreau in the most hilarious and heartwarming way possible. As Favreau received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Downey was right there by his side, ready to pay tribute to his Marvel co-star and longtime friend. With a mischievous smile on his face, Downey began his speech by reminiscing about their journey together. 

Downey humbly admitted that he wouldn't dare to take credit for making Jon a multi-hyphenate international sensation, as he didn't want to steal the thunder from Jon's own speech. Moving on, Downey praised Jon for his humility and humanity. He acknowledged the challenges Jon faced in balancing his fame with personal humility, often being mistaken for a political speech writer. But despite it all, Jon managed to bridge that gap and remain true to himself. Downey expressed his gratitude for the incredible ride he had shared with Jon over the years, being a witness to his storytelling journey. Every tale Jon told was an exploration of his own struggles, losses, hopes, and dreams. And through it all, he managed to connect with audiences, leaving them inspired and elevated. But it was Jon's sense of humor that truly captured Downey's admiration. He commended him for being a master of wit and understanding the power of laughter. Jon knew that life was fleeting, and if we weren't laughing, we were dying.

Downey asserted that, for the funny alone, Jon deserved the star he was receiving that day. The actor then praised Jon's ability to dive deep into any role, whether it meant becoming a chef to play one or creating new entertainment technologies. Jon was relentless in his pursuit of what's next and what's possible. As Downey jokingly patted himself on the back for his outstanding speech, he playfully urged the audience to share and rewatch it while waiting for Jon's pending speech.