'Blue Bloods' Wouldn't Work Without Tom Selleck!

Blue Bloods is a long-running police procedural that sets itself apart from other cop shows by focusing on a blood-related family with a legacy in law enforcement.

At the forefront of the show's success is Tom Selleck's portrayal of Commissioner Frank Reagan, the patriarch of the family and the head of the NYPD. Selleck's performance exudes understated yet resilient masculinity, making him a respected leader and providing the show with a strong presence. e.

From detective to district attorney to commissioner, the Reagans hold positions of significance and their family name brings legacy and expectation. Frank Reagan, played by Tom Selleck, is the literal and spiritual patriarch of the family. As the commissioner of the NYPD and the head of the Reagan family, Frank serves as the foundation of the family dynamics that make the show unique. Frank's three children also play integral roles in the family and in law enforcement.

These scenes allow every character to interact with one another, showcasing the tight-knit nature of the Reagan family. Frank takes on the role of mediator and leader during these dinners, offering advice and setting an example for his family. His position as both the head of the family and the commissioner of the NYPD makes him the most integral character in the series. 

While the show doesn't shy away from acknowledging the existence of dirty cops or criticism of the police, it ultimately presents a television escapism rooted in the Reagan family's legacy and the precedent set by Frank. Tom Selleck's portrayal of Frank Reagan is a defining aspect of Blue Bloods.

As the series approaches its 14th and final season, viewers can continue to rely on Frank Reagan's wise leadership and unwavering honor. Blue Bloods remains a timeless and beloved show, thanks to its unique family dynamics and the iconic portrayal of Commissioner Frank Reagan by Tom Selleck.