Here’s Why Yellowstone Isn't Getting a Season 6!

Yellowstone, the popular Paramount Network show, has announced that its fifth season will be its last. This decision has come as a shock to fans and critics alike, as Yellowstone was the most watched cable TV show of the 2022-2023 season.

The show, starring Kevin Costner, had a massive following and even won a Golden Globe award. The cancellation appears to stem from a dispute between Costner and the Yellowstone team, including creator Taylor Sheridan. The plan was to split Season 5 into two parts, which Costner did not agree with.

This split meant that he had less time to work on his own project, Horizon: An American Saga. Although Costner had requested for less screen time during the first part of Season 5, it was not possible as his character, John Dutton, is the show's lead.

Despite the disagreement, Costner will make a brief appearance in order to properly close out Dutton's storyline. His contract includes a provision stating that his character cannot be killed off in a way he doesn't approve of. Sheridan himself has stated that he would never kill off one of his characters in an unsavory manner, saying, "I don't do f***-you car crashes. "

While it's disappointing that Yellowstone is ending, there is some good news. A new show will take its place, with Matthew McConaughey leading the cast. However, there are few details available about the new series. It is unclear if it will be related to the original Yellowstone story and the Duttons, and the exact characters who will appear on the new show have not been disclosed. Nonetheless, it is comforting to know that the Yellowstone story isn't completely over.