'The Vampire Diaries' Cast: Discover Their Exciting Journeys Post-Show!

The CW's hit show The Vampire Diaries premiered over 11 years ago, and it's hard to believe how time has flown by. After eight seasons, the beloved series came to an end, leaving fans eagerly hoping for a reboot.

However, according to one of the show's stars, Ian Somerhalder, a season 9 is not in the cards. In a recent interview, Ian joked about what a season 9 would look like for his character Damon Salvatore. He imagined Damon with gray hair and canes, jokingly saying, "Oh, I've got to feed the baby. " He emphasized the beauty of the show being that fans can still rewatch it on Netflix, keeping its legacy alive.

Nina Dobrev, another lead of the show, also took a trip down memory lane and expressed her nostalgia for being attacked on a regular basis on the show. She shared a throwback selfie with The Vampire Diaries script on Instagram, reminiscing about her time as Elena Gilbert.

So, what have the rest of the cast been up to since the show ended? We did some investigating, and it turns out they've all continued to shine in the spotlight. They have had successful acting careers, and it's clear that they have grown both personally and professionally. Nina Dobrev, for example, has starred in various movies like Flatliners, Dog Days, and Lucky Day. She also had a main role in the TV show Fam and recently appeared in the films Sick Girl and The Out-Laws. Nina is currently in a relationship with former Olympian Shaun White. Ian Somerhalder, on the other hand, stayed connected to the supernatural genre with his role in Netflix's V Wars. He also starred in the film Time Framed and welcomed his first daughter with his wife, Nikki Reed. Paul Wesley, who portrayed Stefan Salvatore, ventured into producing and directing after the show ended. He directed episodes of Shadowhunters, Roswell, New Mexico, and The Vampire Diaries spin-off series Legacies. Paul also starred in the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds TV series and recently filed for divorce from his wife, Ines de Ramon. The other cast members, including Steven R. McQueen, Kat Graham, Candice King, Zach Roerig, Michael Trevino, Matthew Davis, and Kayla Ewell, have all been involved in various TV shows and movies, continuing to showcase their talents. It's clear that the cast of The Vampire Diaries has remained active in the entertainment industry, and fans can follow their journey through their latest projects. Even though a season 9 may not be on the horizon, the show's legacy lives on through rewatching and reminiscing about the beloved characters and storylines.