Why Paul Wesley Gives a "Hard Pass" to a Vampire Diaries Reboot

Would Paul Wesley consider starring in a potential reboot of The Vampire Diaries? The answer is a resounding no. The actor, who gained fame for his role as vampire Stefan Salvatore on the popular CW series, recently expressed his disinterest in revisiting the vampire world. In an interview with InStyle magazine, Wesley stated, "I would never do another vampire anything, period, let alone Vampire Diaries." It seems that he is ready to move on from his iconic role.

The Vampire Diaries originally aired in 2009 and concluded in 2017 after eight successful seasons. The show even spawned two spinoffs, The Originals and Legacies. However, there have been no plans announced for a reboot of the franchise. It appears that Wesley is content with leaving his vampire days behind him. When asked if he missed playing the character of Stefan, Wesley responded, "I don't really miss anything about playing him, and I don't mean that in a negative way." He explained that eight years was a long time, and he's happy to put it behind him. However, he did appreciate the complexity of his character throughout the show's run. Stefan went through various transformations, from being the good guy to becoming pure evil and then returning to his noble nature. Wesley enjoyed the challenge of keeping the character fresh and dynamic. Currently, Wesley can be seen in the Paramount+ series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, where he portrays a young Captain James T. Kirk. However, he still receives the most recognition for his role on The Vampire Diaries. Wesley shared, "When I get recognized, it's because of Stefan. It's the biggest thing I've ever done, as far as popularity." Despite moving on from The Vampire Diaries, Wesley remains connected to his former castmates. He occasionally attends cast reunions at fan conventions and maintains friendships with Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. In fact, Wesley and Somerhalder created their own bourbon brand called Brother's Bond. They have built a strong bond beyond the show. Somerhalder, who portrayed Stefan's brother Damon Salvatore, also chimed in on the idea of a reboot. He humorously commented on the aging of their characters, imagining them with gray hair and canes, saying, "Listen, it ran a great course and now it's still living. That's what's so amazing." It seems that both actors are content with the show's legacy and are ready to embrace new opportunities. In conclusion, Paul Wesley has made it clear that he has no interest in a potential reboot of The Vampire Diaries. He is content with moving on from his vampire days and exploring new roles. While his time on the show was significant and brought him immense popularity, he is ready for new adventures in his career.