Yellowstone’s 5 Real Cowboys Explained

Yellowstone, the hit show created by Taylor Sheridan, aims to bring authenticity to its neo-Western setting. To achieve this, the show has enlisted the help of real cowboys who not only add realism to the ranch storyline but also have significant experience in horse riding and rodeo.

Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, is himself a real cowboy. The show is based on his own childhood in Texas, which adds a genuine touch to the plot. Sheridan also plays the recurring role of Travis Wheatley, a rodeo cowboy and horse trader, further showcasing his cowboy background.

Another real cowboy on Yellowstone is Forrie J. Smith, who portrays the character Lloyd. Smith comes from a family of rodeo riders and has years of experience in horse riding and rodeo. He got into the entertainment industry through stunt work and eventually landed a role on Yellowstone.

Jake Ream, who plays the ranch hand Jake, also has real-life cowboy credentials. He grew up riding horses and eventually started his own horse training facility. Ream first met Taylor Sheridan through a horse he sold him and later became a mentor and consultant for Yellowstone. This led to his recurring role on the show.

Ryan Bingham, another cast member, was a rodeo rider before pursuing a career in music. Taylor Sheridan wrote the role of Walker specifically for Bingham after learning about his rodeo past. Walker is a formerly convicted felon who aspires to be a cowboy and a singer, much like Bingham himself.

Ethan Lee rounds out the list of real-life cowboys on Yellowstone. He initially worked as a rodeo trick rider before transitioning to the entertainment industry. Lee served as a consultant and mentor for Yellowstone and eventually earned the role of Ethan, one of the Duttons' ranch hands.

With these real cowboys on board, Yellowstone brings an added level of authenticity to its portrayal of ranch life and the cowboy lifestyle. Their expertise in horse riding and rodeo adds depth to the characters and helps create a compelling story. Taylor Sheridan's commitment to authenticity shines through in the casting choices for Yellowstone.