Doja Cat Roars: Exposing Noah Schnapp as a Sneaky 'Weasel' for Spilling DMs about Joseph Quinn! 🐾🔍🐍

So, there's some drama brewing between Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp from Stranger Things. It all started when Noah decided to share their private conversation on TikTok. Noah posted screenshots of messages where Doja was asking about his co-star Joseph Quinn. She wanted to know if Joseph had a girlfriend and if Noah could tell him to hit her up. Well, let's just say that Doja wasn't too thrilled about this.

In response, Doja Cat made a video of her own, calling out Noah for his "snake" move. She started off by acknowledging that he's just a teenager and that young people make mistakes. But she made it clear that what Noah did was not cool. She described it as being socially unaware and whack.

Doja expressed her frustration, saying that Noah shared private information that she didn't feel comfortable with him sharing. She thought he would be chill about it, but he surprised her. She didn't hold back, calling his actions "borderline snake shit" and "weasel shit."

Now, here's where things get interesting. The internet seems to be taking Noah's side on this one. Some people are criticizing Doja for asking a 17-year-old to play matchmaker in the first place. They're saying that she had already made her interest in Joseph Quinn public, so what's the big deal?

But here's the thing, Doja wasn't expecting Noah to share their private conversation with the world. She thought it was something between the two of them and didn't anticipate it becoming public knowledge. So, it's understandable that she would be upset about it.

Now, Twitter is ablaze with the hashtag "He's 17" trending. People have differing opinions on the matter, with some supporting Noah and others backing Doja. It's definitely a juicy celebrity spat that has everyone talking.

In the end, it seems like both Doja Cat and Noah Schnapp have learned a valuable lesson about privacy and what should and shouldn't be shared with the world. Let's hope they can move past this drama and focus on their respective careers. And hey, maybe they'll even become friends in the future. Stranger things have happened, right?